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An August night
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Brand: Ψυχογιός Model: 978-618-01-3767-5
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The Adventures of Inspector Selok of Celery: Leeks!
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Brand: Ψυχογιός Model: 9789604538713
Children's Literature ISBN: 9789604538713 Number of Pages: 114 Cover: Soft cover Suggested Age: 9 - 12 Dimensions: 21x14 Writing Language: Greek Year of Publication: 2011 He is demonic, irreconcilable, a little grumpy but completely charming. Looks like a hero off the big screen. But h..
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The dwarf game
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Brand: Ψυχογιός Model: 978-618-01-3870-2
Date of issue 27 May 2021 Age 18+ Pages 752 Thousands of traffic 40 ISBN 978-618-01-3870-2 Shape (width x height) 14 x 21 cm Weight 0.911 kgr Bookbinding Soft cover..
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The green dress
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Brand: Ψυχογιός Model: 978-618-01-3764-4
Age 18+ Pages 448 Thousands of traffic 70 ISBN 978-618-01-3764-4 "The green dress, my little one, is the garment of our happy soul… it is the madness that comes only once in our lives… it is the formal garment of unrestrained, passionate, unspeakable love, which, however, you ..
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The three aces
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Brand: Ψυχογιός Model: 978-618-01-3326-4
Mystery books Literary All three were born on the first of the month. At the age of ten, they met by chance one night in a police station and became inseparable from the whim of fate. They were now the Three Aces. They took to the streets to face them and their only concern was to preserve that st..
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