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Physics DG Lyceum 2nd issue of Positive Studies Orientation
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Brand: Σαββάλας Model: 9789604934164
Aids Student friend, student friend, This book is a complete aid for the course of Physical Orientation of Positive Studies of DG Lyceum. Each chapter contains: • The main points of the theory. • Basic solved exercises, where we cover all possible cases that can be put to the ..
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The world of texts [Our world] first issue
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Brand: Σαββάλας Model: 9789604937127
Contains: • Samples of various text types. • Exercises and activities of critical comprehension, combined vision and speech production. • Sections of texts, literary and not, thematically related. • Creative writing activities. • Evaluation Criteria according ..
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 An unforgettable day ... in space
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Brand: Σαββάλας Model: 9789604490493
ISBN: 9789604490493 PAGES: 23 BOOK WEIGHT: 0.34 kg DIMENSIONS: 26 x 21 cm COVER TYPE: Hard YEAR OF PUBLICATION: 2006 AGE: From 2 years old Rex, the space dog, sees the aliens grabbing his favorite bone and prepares to take it back. Travel with the figure of Rex on each page and help him in ..
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