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 Do Nothing
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Brand: Patakis Model: 9789601671222
Darwin worked only four hours a day. Man has been walking the earth for 300,000 years, while sitting behind a desk for just 200. Is your office becoming more and more the same as your home? Workaholism is not disguised arrogance, it is a cry of despair... We work feverishly to live better, we try to..
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Brainfit. Exercising the brain for a better life
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Brand: Patakis Model: 9786180703061
Is there really a way to reduce stress while boosting our memory? Improve our IQ while slowing down the aging process? To become more creative while enhancing the ability to concentrate? The answer is simple: movement. All the research data in the neurosciences today, more than ever, point to the co..
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Carl Jung: The Explorer of the Human Soul
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Brand: Patakis Model: 9786180704341
Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961), Swiss physician and pioneer of psychoanalysis, is one of the greatest thinkers of the 20th century. And although his ideas have had a profound effect on our modern cultural reality and although he has been the inventor of many revolutionary distributions, such as synchr..
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Children are born in the heart. A book for those who have fertility problems and for those who are by their side
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Brand: Patakis Model: 9789601683270
ISBN 9789601683270 Patakis Publishing House Weight 0.37 Availability Available on the shelf Pages 272 Dimensions 14x21 Date of the 1st issue November 2019  ..
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Children do not want a psychologist. Parents want!
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Brand: Metaichmio Model: 978-618-03-1680-3
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Discipline without dramas
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Brand: Patakis Model: 9789601680330
ISBN 9789601680330 Patakis Publishing House Weight 0.54 Availability Available on the shelf Pages 416 Dimensions 14x21 Date of the 1st issue November 2019..
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Do something unique every moment
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Brand: Patakis Model: 9789601683706
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Don't Sweat the Small Stuff in Love
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Brand: Pedio Model: 9789605469375
ISBN: 9789605469375 Number of Pages: 416 Cover: Soft cover Dimensions: 17x14 Writing Language: Greek Original Language: English Date of 1st Issue: 2017 Original title: Don't Sweat the Small Stuff in Love In this day and age where even couples who claim to be happy can not define a &quo..
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Dopamine nation
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Brand: Patakis Model: 9786180704358
This book is about pleasure. It also talks about pain. Most importantly, it talks about how we find the delicate balance between the two and why today we need that balance more than ever. We live in an age of unprecedented access to high-dopamine stimuli: drugs, food, news, gambling, shopping, video..
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Growing up (with) my child
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Brand: Patakis Model: 9789601693477
ISBN 9789601693477 Patakis Publishing House Weight 0.34 Availability Available on the shelf Pages 264 Dimensions 14x21 Date 1st issue April 2021 Date of 1st Edition 2014  ..
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How to Talk When Kids Won't Listen: Whining, Fighting, Meltdowns, Defiance, and Other Challenges of Childhood (The How To Talk Series)
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Brand: Patakis Model: 9786180701098
An all-new guide to the best-selling How To Talk series, with proven and effective communication strategies that provide solutions to the most difficult moments of raising children. For over forty years, millions of people have turned to Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlis's book How to Talk to Chi..
16.92€ 18.80€
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