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The fisherman and his son

The fisherman and his son BOOKS
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The fisherman and his son
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I wish people were as good as dolphins.
Sometimes the vast sea rages, rages, surprises and attacks with the unsurpassed power of a trident; other times it becomes a gentle lover, caresses your face with sweet breezes, softening the memories of its vengeful outbursts, almost apologizing. It is simultaneously a source of blessing and calamity. The sea, which we all see, is the membrane that hides the vast body of the sea; the shivers that begin with the breath of the wind are the awakening of the liquid element. Mustafa knows the bottom of the sea well...
The sea is the dominant element of the book, the sea that gives and takes, hard but also sweet like life, unexpected like the turns of fate. In a fishing village on the eastern shores of the Aegean, not untouched by the global problems of our time, a taciturn fisherman and his wife struggle to move on with their lives after the loss of their beloved seven-year-old child at sea. They experience life and death, misery and happiness through unexpected ways…