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100 Hugs
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Brand: Patakis Model: 9789601677996
"As I drew them, these hugs warmed my heart. I hope this book warms the hearts of everyone who needs a hug." Chris Riddell..
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150 tips for good management from the Harvard Business Review
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Brand: Patakis Model: 9789601669519
ΙSBN 9789601669519 Patakis Publishing House Weight 0.21 Pages 192 Dimensions 12x17 Date of last printing March 2021 Date of the 1st issue November 2017..
4.95€ 5.50€
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365 Days of Love
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Brand: Patakis Model: 9789601645605
A priceless gift, bringing together the most beautiful thoughts on love written down through the ages by the greatest writers, one for each day of the year. From stormy love and passion to deep love, a unique gift for our loved ones, to remember every day how much we love them...
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A Guide for New Teachers - Primary Education
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Brand: Patakis Model: 9786180706253
If you are anxious about the first day of school and you are not a student, then this book will solve the basic questions and make you enjoy your first year at school more. If you have some experience as an educator, but still have doubts and questions and would like someone to help you solve them, ..
7.92€ 8.80€
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Anazhtontas to magiko baros ton oneiron soy
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Brand: Metaichmio Model: 978-618-03-2732-8
  ISBN: 978-618-03-2732-8 Pages: 210 Release Date: 27/05/2021 Dimensions: 17 X 24 Cover: Soft..
16.92€ 18.80€
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Ancient cultivation
New -10 %
Brand: Patakis Model: 9789601686608
Through a family story, centered on the return of the "prodigal son", Ancient Cultivation deals with the age-old themes of patriarchy, the limits of coexistence within the family, freedom, loneliness, violence. Nassar does this in a masterful and original way, redefining the language from ..
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Brand: Papadopoulos Publications Model: 978-960-484-963-5
I'm Sonya and I might solve the mystery of how I became a "bad housewife, mediocre cook, tourist mom" and maybe have a few laughs solving it. As much as a woman who is all of the above and has a tendency to forget her practical obligations (really, did I take conditioner?) can laugh. ..
15.30€ 16.99€
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Be a Man Guy
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Brand: Papadopoulos Publications Model: 978-960-484-969-7
A book-hymn to the "kangaroo" that is all around us. He satirizes toxic masculinity in the best possible way, extolling the most brutal traditional standards of manhood, with cult advice on how to be a Man...
13.49€ 14.99€
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Because there is no Planet B
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Brand: Patakis Model: 9786180705386
The tragic fires in Greece in the summer of 2023, but also in many other countries, from one end of the earth to the other, highlighted once again the state of emergency in which the planet is marching due to the climate crisis. The major energy crisis triggered by the war in Ukraine highlighted, a..
14.94€ 16.60€
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Between Sevres and Lausanne. Aspects of the Asia Minor Tragedy
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Brand: Patakis Model: 9789601672793
The treaty signed on July 24, 1923 in Lausanne, Switzerland, annulled and revised the Treaty of Sèvres of August 1920. It is the last act of a historical process that began in 1914, with the beginning of World War I, and culminated in the defeat of the Greek army in August 1922 by the Turkish..
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Bill Gates: How to Avoid a Climate Disaster: The Solutions We Have and the Breakthroughs We Need
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Brand: Patakis Model: 9789601692678
  ISBN 9789601692678 Weight 0.54 Pages 416 Dimensions 14x21 Date 1st issue May 2021 Bill Gates shares what he's learned in more than a decade of studying climate change and investing in innovations to address the problems, and sets out a vision for how the world can build the tool..
16.92€ 18.80€
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Carl Jung: The Explorer of the Human Soul
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Brand: Patakis Model: 9786180704341
Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961), Swiss physician and pioneer of psychoanalysis, is one of the greatest thinkers of the 20th century. And although his ideas have had a profound effect on our modern cultural reality and although he has been the inventor of many revolutionary distributions, such as synchr..
16.92€ 18.80€
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