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 Talking to my kids about really successful personal and professional life
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Brand: Patakis Model: 9789601649818
ISBN 9789601649818 Patakis Publishing House Weight 0.35 Availability Available on the shelf Pages 264 Dimensions 14x20.5 Date of last printing October 2013 Date 1st issue May 2013  ..
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150 tips for good management from the Harvard Business Review
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Brand: Patakis Model: 9789601669519
ΙSBN 9789601669519 Patakis Publishing House Weight 0.21 Pages 192 Dimensions 12x17 Date of last printing March 2021 Date of the 1st issue November 2017..
4.95€ 5.50€
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A Guide for New Teachers - Primary Education
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Brand: Patakis Model: 9786180706253
If you are anxious about the first day of school and you are not a student, then this book will solve the basic questions and make you enjoy your first year at school more. If you have some experience as an educator, but still have doubts and questions and would like someone to help you solve them, ..
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Anazhtontas to magiko baros ton oneiron soy
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Brand: Metaichmio Model: 978-618-03-2732-8
  ISBN: 978-618-03-2732-8 Pages: 210 Release Date: 27/05/2021 Dimensions: 17 X 24 Cover: Soft..
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Bill Gates: How to Avoid a Climate Disaster: The Solutions We Have and the Breakthroughs We Need
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Brand: Patakis Model: 9789601692678
  ISBN 9789601692678 Weight 0.54 Pages 416 Dimensions 14x21 Date 1st issue May 2021 Bill Gates shares what he's learned in more than a decade of studying climate change and investing in innovations to address the problems, and sets out a vision for how the world can build the tool..
16.92€ 18.80€
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Damn Good Advice
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Brand: Key Books Model: 9786188090842
Original Title Damn Good Advice ISBN 9786188090842 Key Books Publishing House Weight 0.25 Pages 190 Dimensions 12x17.8 Date of last printing March 2017 Date of the 1st issue January 2014..
9.90€ 11.00€
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Divine Comedy: Hell
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Brand: Patakis Model: 9786180700374
"To the city I lead the afflicted, I lead eternity to sorrow, I to where the hells are". Dante and Virgil see these words written on the gate leading to Hell. Punished souls have no hope of reaching Heaven; they are condemned to eternal pain. The only one who does not lose this hope, passi..
14.94€ 16.60€
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Don't Sweat the Small Stuff in Love
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Brand: Pedio Model: 9789605469375
ISBN: 9789605469375 Number of Pages: 416 Cover: Soft cover Dimensions: 17x14 Writing Language: Greek Original Language: English Date of 1st Issue: 2017 Original title: Don't Sweat the Small Stuff in Love In this day and age where even couples who claim to be happy can not define a &quo..
10.71€ 11.90€
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Eastern Mediterranean: Total reset - History and geostrategy of an emerging region
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Brand: Patakis Model: 9786180705621
A new order is being sought, in which we do not know what will be the position of the Arab states, what will be the position of Turkey, the position of Hellenism. This is a very critical period, the plates of history are moving again and colliding. Dimitris Kairides We are moving into a polycentr..
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Eat your frog
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Brand: Dioptra Model: 978-960-605-163-0
ISBN: 978-960-605-163-0 Edition: 1st Date of issue: 23/11/2016 Number of pages: 136 Size: 140 x 205 The legendary Eat your frog (with over 1,500,000 sales worldwide and translated into 42 languages) will change your life. There is not enough time to do everything we want. Successful people a..
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Greece after the war. The years of hope
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Brand: Patakis Model: 9786180705676
"My first visit to Greece took place in the summer of 1954. Ten years had passed since the withdrawal of the Germans and five years since the end of the Civil War. The Greece I first saw was mired in poverty. This was evident everywhere. "Often when you talked to a Greek about the beauty o..
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How to Worry Less About Money
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Brand: Patakis Model: 9789601646428
Original Title: How to Worry Less About Money ISBN 9789601646428 Weight 0.26 Pages 208 Dimensions 14x18.5 Date of the 1st issue January 2013 Can money make you happy? The relationship with money has been with us all our lives, however books that approach this subject usually deal with eithe..
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