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	First Sticker Book Santa
-10 %
Brand: Patakis Model: 9789601639123
Travel with Santa Claus and his reindeer in this wonderful book. Stick stickers on his pages and fill each of his pictures with the magic of Christmas!..
5.31€ 5.90€
Ex Tax:5.01€
24 stories from the Christmas forest
-10 %
Brand: Patakis Model: 9789601691817
24 enchanting stories by Brigitte Weniger to keep us company as Christmas approaches. A valuable read for the whole family with excellent illustrations by Eva Tarlett...
14.94€ 16.60€
Ex Tax:14.09€
A book with a magic lens: Hide and Seek with Santa Claus
-10 %
Brand: Metaichmio Model: 978-618-03-3082-3
Santa Claus is ready to distribute the presents, but first he wants to greet his friends. Can you help him find them all? The child puts the "magic" lens between the pages and "illuminates" the pictures to find a bunch of Christmas faces...
9.90€ 11.00€
Ex Tax:9.34€
A Boy Called Christmas
-10 %
Brand: Patakis Model: 9789601631332
It's time to read the true story of SANTA… If you think that some things are impossible, put this book down immediately (because this book is FULL of things that are considered impossible). Continue reading? Well. Let's start the story…..
10.35€ 11.50€
Ex Tax:9.76€
A Christmas Story
-10 %
Brand: Metaichmio Model: 978-618-03-0668-2
Indifferent to Christmas and cruel to everyone, Scrooge counts his money over and over. Nothing touches him. Neither the magic of the days, nor the enthusiasm of the children, nor the devotion of the employee and his nephew. But it's never too late for a miracle. The ghost of his old partner and..
12.96€ 14.40€
Ex Tax:12.23€
A day full of whining
-10 %
Brand: Tziampiris - Puramida Model: 9789605936389
When the little Hedgehog is in a bad mood, he thinks about all the things that make him happy... the bright sun, the fluffy snow and his wonderful friends! So, today when the Fox is in a bad mood and disappears into the dark, snowy forest, the little Hedgehog runs to help her. Because the good..
11.93€ 13.25€
Ex Tax:11.25€
A strange Christmas tree
-10 %
Brand: Savallas Model: 9789604938100
New Year's Eve finds a rabbit family homeless and hungry. The daddy-hare leaves to look for food. However, what little he managed to find he gives to others who seem to be in more need. And now; Will parent-rabbits and bunnies spend New Year's on empty stomachs?..
8.91€ 9.90€
Ex Tax:8.41€
Advent Calendar Book Collection
-10 %
Brand: Patakis Model: 9789601688657
It contains 24 booklets each with a unique fairy tale. Behind each of the 24 windows is a booklet. By the time Christmas arrives, a small library of stories is being built that children will always remember and share...
21.52€ 23.90€
Ex Tax:20.30€
Christmas 2000 stickers
-10 %
Brand: Savallas Model: 9786180600292
Put on your cap, coat and gloves and get ready to have fun at the North Pole! In this book you will find holiday pictures, frozen puzzles, snowy mazes and much more! Choose any of the 2,000 stickers you want to complete the scenes or decorate your own greeting cards, letters and drawings!..
8.91€ 9.90€
Ex Tax:8.41€
Christmas Asteris
-10 %
Brand: Tziampiris - Puramida Model: 9789605935399
Welcome Star! Are you ready for fun, joy and scandals? We count backwards with the Star until Christmas, which will fill people's hearts with love!..
8.97€ 9.96€
Ex Tax:8.46€
Christmas comes alive with 10 festive sounds!
-10 %
Brand: Savallas Model: 9789604937899
Triangles, carols!... Christmas has arrived. Everything is festive! Santa started with his sleigh to distribute gifts to all the children! Take part in the celebration and with the 10 magical sounds of the book liven up this festive season!..
12.51€ 13.90€
Ex Tax:11.80€
Christmas Eve
-10 %
Brand: Savallas Model: 9786180601534
A classic Christmas poem that comes with gorgeous illustrations and 11 magical sounds!..
17.90€ 19.90€
Ex Tax:16.89€
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