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Physics 1st High School issue 1 - Panagiotakopoulos

Physics 1st High School issue 1 - Panagiotakopoulos BOOKS
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Physics 1st High School issue 1 - Panagiotakopoulos
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This book is a complete aid for the study of Physics of the 1st High School. It contains many solved examples, as well as many exercises and problems designed to train the student to deal with even the most difficult concepts he will encounter in this course.

In each sub-section of the book there is a detailed Study Suggestion for more efficient and quick study.


• Theory in question-answer format.

• Closed type questions, i.e. multiple choice, true-false, matching and fill-in-the-blank questions, to test the theory (Topic A of the final exam).

• Open-ended (crisis) questions, i.e. questions where the student must develop his thinking in his notebook and justify his answer (Topic B of the final exam).

• Solved examples, written in a detailed manner so that the student can follow the solution with great ease.

• Exercises and problems to be solved, which are of graded difficulty (Subjects C and D of the final competition).

• Difficult problems, where a lot of effort is required to solve them.

• Repetitive Topics B and D per chapter, which summarize the Topic Bank.

• The Topic Bank per chapter solved in detail.

• Contests by chapter.

For all questions, exercises and problems to be solved there are detailed solutions at the end of the book. Also included are the answers-solutions to the questions and exercises of the textbook.