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About us


The Konstantinos G. Mantas bookstore is located at 29 Makedonias Street, in Perama, Piraeus, for more than 60 years!
The founders of the company were George K. Mantas and his wife Alexandra.
Modest, honest and hardworking, dear to their fellow citizens, they established themselves in difficult times in the commercial circuit of the region and created a space ready to meet the varied and demanding needs of the then buying public.
In 1986, a worthy successor of the family, their son Konstantinos took over the reins after his studies.
In his hands it evolved and transformed into the form it has today, especially after the renovation of 2007.

All these years, our care is the perfect and timely service of our customers with responsibility, professional and friendly mood.


What you will find in our store:

In our physical store, that is housed from the very start in a privately owned space, there is an organized bookstore, educational and school supplies, stationery, office consumables, toys, etc.
We work with all the Publishing Houses and we can provide you with every book requested.
You can find everything about school and the education for children and adults, hobbies, handcrafts.
There is also a department of digital services regarding printing, photocopies of any size (using scanner / plotter), bookbinding, lamination, etc.

A special department in our store serves with sewing items, where one can choose between threads, fabrics and everything that is necessary in tailoring.

We always take care of the best and most immediate customer service!
It is our honor to communicate!